Aboriginal Religion by Stanner

The End of Aboriginal Religion was in Confucian Terms:
“to unite hearts and establish order”. Stanner p 172

The Positive Character of Aboriginal Religion

  1. The Aborigines thought the world full of signs to men; they transformed the signs into assurances of mystical providences.
  2. At its best the religion put a high worth on the human person, both flesh and spirit.
  3. It magnified the value of life by making its conservation and renewal a cult.
  4. It acknowledged the material domain as being under spiritual authority.
  5. Religious practice included discipline to subdue egotistical man to a sacred continuing purpose.
  6. Religious belief expresses a philosophy of assent to life’s terms.
  7. The major cults inculcated a sense of mystery through the use of symbolism pointing to ultimate or metaphysical realities which were known by their signs.

Source:  Stanner, W.E.H.  Religion, Totemism and Symbolism. Ed. Charlesworth, M etc, Religion in Aboriginal Australia, An Anthology, p 172.

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