Prayer for the Passing of a Loved One

Baaba, Father of all,
you gave us the dreaming
when you made the Aboriginal people in the beginning.

Through our great Ancestral Beings,
you form our Homelands, Rivers, Seacoasts and Islands.
You gave us our Sacred Places and our Lore and Traditions.

Then, after thousand of years you sent your Son Jesus
to live as one of us in poverty and oppression.
He underwent the great passing-over of death and then rose to life
again to prepare a place for each of us in the resurrection,
which is the fullness of the Dreaming.

In sorrow, we offer to you, Baaba, the body and spirit of our beloved  _________.
We know this his/her spirit is now free. Comfort and console his/her family and friends and grant him/her eternal peace in Mother Earth and among our honoured Ancestors.

We make this prayer through Jesus our Great Ancestor in Faith.