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The Murribi tree is a sacred tree for the Gumbayngirr people where the dead are buried. The rock is placed at the bottom of the tomb to protect the body.

It is said that when Jesus was crucified there was a tremendous storm. It is believed that when one sees a red tipped cockatoo a storm always follows. The feather in the painting refers to the storm that erupted when Jesus was crucified.

The hands and dots in the background represent the elders who arc gone but who are still present. The serpent represents the Holy Spirit and the carpet snake is the Gumbayngirr totem. There are 14 leaves hanging from the tree, they represent the 12 apostles and the two leaves behind Jesus are his mother Mary and his father Joseph. There is one leaf removed from the others.

In most of Richard’s paintings the figures have no mouths eyes or ears denoting their lack of judgment without eyes, ears or a mouth.

Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, home page image by Richard Campbell